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Thursday, 17 January 2013

When doodles comes to real life :D

Salam and hi korang. Damn lama betul aku tak update blog kan. Banyak
idea tapi tak sempat nak update, sebab banyak kerja. Nak BW pon xde
mood sebab masa terhad. Tapi, tak kira hari ni aku nak update gak. Haha!

Okay, korang masa kecik-kecik dulu mesti suka melukis kan? Actually,
bukan lah melukis, menconteng je lebih. Haha. Pelbagai monster akan
diconteng atas kertas, mahupun dinding rumah.

Jadi, apa gayanya kalau lukisan-lukisan monster itu tercipta dalam dunia
sebenar? Sini aku nak kongsikan 'kekreatifan' mommy-mommy di luar
sana merealisasikan lukisan anak-anaknya dalam bentuk kraftangan :

Mom of the Year: Vancouver mother Wendy Tsao wanted to find the perfect comfort toy for her four-year-old son Dani, one that he would instantly bond with and cherish forever

She's Crafty: Rather than run to the shop, she rifled through his stacks of drawings and found inspiration in his own imagination

Mamma Mia: Mrs Tsao took to needle and thread to turn her son's sketch into a soft, familiar and three-dimensional friend - but she didn't stop there

Imagination Station: Realizing the power of the fantasy life of children everywhere, she launched Child's Own Studio, which makes soft toys based on the precious scribbles of little boys and girls

Arts and Crafts: Parents send her their children¿s illustrations; some made in chalk, others in crayon or pencil, and ask Mrs Tsao to work her magic

Arts and Crafts: Parents send her their children's illustrations; some made in chalk, others in crayon or pencil, and ask Mrs Tsao to work her magic

Fantasy Friends: 'Each one as unique as the child who drew it,' Mrs Tsao said. This drawing is by Connor, 5
Mambang apakah?? macam ikan sepat je, haha

In Translation: 'This is

Is it a Bird? Mrs Tsao will often write short stories that describe how the creatures came to life, posting dozens of before and after photos of the drawings on her website
erkk...mata di perut...

Perfection: If she is working on a project that isn't coming out as she, or the child, envisioned, she will scrap it and start over

All Smiles: Since the happiness of her little clients is of the utmost importance, she works tirelessly for hours so that when they finally see the stuffed toy they instantly recognize it as their own creation

Foo Foo, is that you? Some drawings are very particular, while others are more abstract. This drawing is by Eileen, 8

Pen and Ink: Monsters are very popular. This drawing is by Elizabeth, 3





Monster apa lah anak dia lukis ni, menakutkan dah macam lembaga berbulu pulak

Hohoho dracula ni menakutkan (-_-')



Pokok Halloween kot ni...

Ni comel, hehe...



Hihihi, comelnya ikan duyung ni..


Hahaha, yang ni aku suka! Menatang ni macam blurrrrr je~

Warghhhhh ! Makang budak !


Cool kan? Hihi...aku rasa macam nak buat jugak je craft macam ni. Ada sesiapa
nak send doodle anak-anak dia kat aku, bagi aku try buat. Hahaha...tapi imaginasi
kanak-kanak ni memang luar biasa, takut tak terbuat lak aku :p Hihi...


missSenget said...

tergelak kt patung yg mcm biri2 tp macam monster tu..


Nong Andy said...

hebat.. try ko buat gak.. ko kan terror.. :)

zyma_senpai said...

wahhhh.. best2 ^_^

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

ade yg comel ade yg menakutkan dowhhh

Saifulizan Shaari said...

entri yang menarik...n semuanyer comey2.