Happy Three Friends

Miss Money

Thursday, 7 June 2012

In The Closet

In the closet
She's watching everything
All the lies
Watch all lies

In the closet
She remains everything
And her tears
Started to fall

I bet she's know something
But what she can do?
Cause I also know
That she's really loves you

I bet she's trying so hard
To forgive and forget everything
Like put those thorns just deep in her own heart
And keep it bleeding secretly

All the time...

( jangan amek serius sangat entry ni,
ni just lirik lagu ciptaan aku jer :p )


Nong Andy said...

ewah... lirik ckp omputih :)

Lynn Damya said...

Nong Andy : haha haruslah, nt aku nk suruh Avril buat lagu, hahaha perasaan sgguh :p