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Saturday, 17 November 2012

What's now and what's next ?

Today is the day
That makes me seriously thinking
about my future
what if?
what's now?
what's next?
What's that?
What's this?
and all...
Curious to know
Which way is better
and which way that i've shouldn't choose
Thinking what is the real plan
and at the same times
TRYING to prepare the back up plan
You know
you really desperate for it someday...

We can determined the decision
but God determine the fate
We can trying so damn hard
We can do it all over again
We can defend something that really worth

and what we do is;
We are currently trying...

What we're really really do now
is trying...
Trying to get better life
Trying to find a soulmate
Trying to have all of fun
Collecting friends and money
and so on...
We are trying right now

Same with me
I am trying...


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about the same thing lately....

Anonymous said...

I am trying to i guess. SPM is just the beginning :) Be strong sis!

Lynn Damya said...

Fyfy : makin dewasa makin byk kena fikir...hmm

Gingy : nope dear, it's not SPM, but it's about the new stage after campus life...:)