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Monday, 16 July 2012

Ha Meh Lah Baca Entry Khas Untuk KAU Nih !

Hey pretty !
You've got pretty face,
but you're heart was too dark...

You've called you as a girl
But actually, you're are the best biatch
Among us as women

You said that you're fall in love
But I bet you really doesn't have any clue
About what is love actually

You're talking nonsense about me
Trying to make a fool of me
But I see you're such a pathetic baby girl

You're thought that you're really busy
But actually you've been damn busy
Stalker this blog

And what i really need to say to you...

Is F.U.C.K Y.O.U !

Yeah, it's not about him, but this entry wrote about 'that' annoying girl
and YOU know who she is....

p/s : owh btw, i hope you understood English well :p


mizz RFL said...

haha~ best and funny.. btw nice blog

reenapple said...

ditujukan pda siapa la tu.. =D

Nong Andy said...


marah ni.. rasanya bukan untuk saya kan? hehe...

Zaza Ridzlan said...

utk siapakah itu.. hehe