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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Pathetic Situation

You're watching hilarious TV show alone,
to rid the soleness,
and that Tv shows really funny,
You're laughing loudly,
Keep laughing until you've got tears in your eyes..
The soleness totally off..

until just then..
the shows ended..
andwhen you're looking around...

you found that there is only you
in that room,
sitting alone and hear the silence....

Nothing gonna change if you're really felt alone..
If you're trying to be happy as you can..

You're surely know how hard you're trying
to pretend...


kai said...

smile always...

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

tabah tu kalau die bjye pretend to be happy.ohh tharu.sobsob

Lynn Damya said...

kai : thank Q (n_n)

Sarah : haa tau xpe, hihi :D

Nong Andy said...

jgn hanyut oleh rasa itu..

kau nak sunyi? kaulah yg akan sunyi..

kau nak happy? kau pasti akan happy..
just jgn giveup.. bahagia tu ada cuma cara kita mengukur kebahagiaan itu yg berbeza.

ada org lebih bahagia bersendirian hehehe,,

*menangis juga perlu sebab lepas menangis mesti ada senyuman :)

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

y so serious? lets put a smileeee on that face ;)

Lynn Damya said...

nong andy : huaaaa, terima kasih...why so serious kan bak kata zuan, hihi tQ too zuan :)