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Saturday, 24 September 2011

something about missing

 i felt alone...even i'm in the big crowd
i felt empty...even i have everything in this world
i felt sick...even the doctor said i'm fine
i felt weak...even my heartbeat is normal
i felt sad...and i'm suffering becaused of missing you
i'm waiting for you every day, each hours, each minutes, even for each seconds
there's no time to think the others besides you
but still,
you're not come back
you're not here
please know that i've been here for too long
please know that i'm here just because i'm waiting for you
please know that there's no other girls will do this for you
please...know that actually i'm missing you so badly
i've been trying so hard...
to make everything fine even without you,
yes, i've achieved my dreams
but deep in my heart...i felt empty...
come back and be here forever

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