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Miss Money

Sunday, 4 September 2011

I'm Disappointed !

i've heard...
something that i shouldn't know
something that should not be happened !
something that actually could be avoid
i've heard...
a story which based on true story
like a needle
it's hurting me more and more
it's make me disappointed
yes, it's make me crying
that story destroyed all my belief
it's really crazy until i can't trust anybody
i can't trust anybody anymore
even the closer
i'm afraid...i'm really afraid
i have that love
the only love
i do trust it with all of my heart
if it betray me
i will totally lost my inner soul
and i will lives alone rather than
lives with people that i cannot trust anymore
i'm afraid...
i'm afraid...
i'm just don't want to get hurt..
it is really really hurting...

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