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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Mixed Feeling About Future After 23

Assalamualaikum and hi readers. Again with the midnight sadness :(

Hmm, this lately, I keep thinking some kind about my future.

"What's happen next?"

"What am I going to be?"

"What if I forget that, and do this?"

What if I just do that, and forget this?"

"What about that, what about this....."

those big questions keep running in my head. Hmm..sighs~

My dream?
Yeah, of course I have a lot of dreams !

I wanna be somebody that good in designing,
and at the same time run a business so that I can be called as
successful entrepreneur~

But, wanna be good in designing....
I have many ideas, but I don't have enough time to create it..
At home, I just wanna helping my parents..I'm just wanna help them too much
until I'm not thinking to make a design at all...it's just help my mom & dad
flea market..that's fit me!

Next dream, entrepreneur.....I'll just need to move a step, then it will start..
But, people will asking what the purposed of Art & Design scroll that I've
got ? Hmmm....if they're able to understand what I'm going to explain to
answer that question, it will be easier...but, people...they keep judging and
mocking...heh~ (u_u)

So, what am I going to do?
I don't know..every steps that I've took, will be witnessed by hundreds eyes
If I'm success, they're will be the great relative...
But if I'm not, they keep make me down...

One of my weakness, give up easily....

Sometimes, I just thought that I think too much, but if I'm not
thinking, who'd will be thinking about me?

Me, my life, my mistake, it should be my lesson, but people keep
interrupting others life~

Seriously, I wanna be an entrepreneur by applying all the knowledge
of art that I've learned. That's all thank Q..

Confused girl, 


kai said...

br 23 kot...
mude lagi...
perjalanan masih jauh...

=Jom Join!=

owner said...

kai : errr....23 tu dh besar tau,skg umur manusia pling koman pon 50 dh sakit2 tua (-_-')xleh kejar impian lg dah..wuwu

Anonymous said...

xyah pikir masa depan la..
nikmati waktu skg ni..
kalo waktu skg kita buang utk pikir waktu hdpn,
sia2 la usia remaja...ekekekeke

owner said...

ezad : hahaha amboi baguih betul hang punye nasihat nih..sedih dgr haha