Happy Three Friends

Miss Money

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Relatives Are Plastic

I'm sitting in that house
Watching every people in the house
Observed the actions
Listening to the words
Everyone is a plastic
Their acts is acting
Their words are liars
Pretending that they are the most people
who cares much, and
Blaming all the fault to my precious person
It was so unfair
and it makes me sick of it
But it's always ended like this
Nobody listen to us
Nobody believes us
That's all...


fadh leyanie said...

sebenarnya menjadi
yang asli itu lebih baik dari plastik,:)

owner said...

fadh : betul2, tapi yg jd plastik itu menyakitkan hati dan selalu jd plastik utk kpentingan sendiri..:(