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Saturday, 27 August 2011

being dumped?

you're being dumped?
you're left by your girlfriend?
you lost your love?
you're alone?
it is hard rite?
that feeling...
you really hate that feeling
but you can't do anything
you are so weak at this time
so weak...
just a loser
i know...
and i'm understand
you're keep telling yourself
that she's gone
impossible for her to come back
but deep in your heart..
u keep comfort yourself
by telling
she will return to you
deep in your heart
you're hoping for a miracle
...but still
you need to accept your fate
this is reality
yes dear you can cry
because it is sad
it is painful
broken heart...
just let the times
handle it...

(n_n) be strong..be a heartless person...nobody's can hurt you !

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