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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Diploma Love Story(1)

23 September 2007
- i will never forget that day...it's the day that i agreed to be his special girl

and now, it's been almost 4 years..thank God
it's such a very..very beautiful moments
that i've been through with him
between the times..

and i wanna share something here with readers....

that is the special gift for him
i've made it by myself on our anniversary last year(2010)
it's a drawing on the playwood
but it is not just a drawing..
it's the story of us...
it is the story between me and my sweetheart..
those are my beautiful scenes in my life..
those are my precious memories..
the real moments in my life..
i just wanna say that..

 "i've no regrets with you.."

(n_n) i wrote this because i miss him at this time...and i'm cried...


nur fatinah mohammad shariff said...

suweetnye.. creatives laa akak nihh :)
moga kekal ye... :)

owner : Lynn said...

hehe...xdelah, akak xtau nak bg adiah ape,so buat je lah cmni..time kasih, adik pon smoga bahagia...opz ! (-_-') haha