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Miss Money

Saturday, 13 August 2011

hold my hands in my bad time

i know u're just a human being...
so keep holding onto me
it's hard out there, i know
so that's why i said keep holding onto me...
we're know that world isn't unfair sometimes
peoples keep judging, mocking us
they don't listen to us
and just ignoring us..
sometimes they make us happy
but then send us to the hell
i understand those feelings
i know it's hard
so that is the reason why i am here besides you
caused i know that you can't face it alone
i know you're weak when u're alone..
and that's why i'm still here...
to give my hand to you..
keep holding onto me,
my sweetheart


spywriter said...

hold my hand dear..... :')

owner : Lynn said...

spywriter : yes, i hold you too dear :) thank Q