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Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Best Pendant i've Ever Had (stand for 24hours only)

the best pendant i've ever had

Name : Bloody Necklace
Gift from : My sweetheart
Aged : ONLY 24hours
Reason : My silly mistake.....

and i've regret until now..
 it's not an ordinary necklace..
i love the pendant very much..
the red liquid inside of it
just like the blood of him,
put on my neck..
close to my heart..
by wearing this necklace..
i can feel him nearby me..
and i feel like i've been rescue..
i feel safe

(n_n) hoping for 2nd bloody necklace


narumi sakura said...

la pecah ke??huhu syngnye

Lynn Damya said...

naru : a'ah :( sedih tau...