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Friday, 19 August 2011

'i love you' doesn't mean anything

 what is love?
everybody keep talking about love
every man and woman do love
every people around the world feel it
have it..
but what is love actually?
some peoples said love is a gift from God
some peoples said love is the best feeling in the world
but some peoples said love hurts
so what is love actually?
everybody celebrate love
everybody laugh because of love
but again..some of them cry because of love
now what the hell of love actually?
when the times come, in the crowd
suddenly your eyes noticed the face
beautiful man and woman are everywhere but your eyes still cannot run
from seeing that face
your heartbeat becoming faster
it's such one in a million
at that time, that is love...
you're trying to get closer..you're trying to make that person as yours
in a beautiful ways..you trying to make that person happy
as much as you can..and hopes that you will get the keys of her/his happiness
you're always want to see that person smiling..
and at that time, that is love...
you're always besides her/him
in happy or even in a bad times
you're cares about that person..you're willing to share the problems together
yeah that is love...
when the distance separated you from that person
you're worried..is that person going fine without me besides her/him?
you're remind everything even the smallest thing to that person
cause you're really worried
yeah this is love...
love is not a words..it's an action..
no need to ask that person..no need to force that person
to keep repeating those three magic words
it doesn't mean anything..
no sense..no feels..
but look at the action..
without saying anything, you can feel how much that person cares about you
how much that person trying to make you happy
how much that person trying to comfort you when you've got problems
how much that person smiling because of your sweet smiling?
without saying anything...your heart will believes
and feel more than your ear's do..
i _ _ _ _ you so much !

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