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Friday, 19 August 2011

He is your man ! get him back !!

i'm talking about what the hell happened rite now
i'm talking about girls who are easily to give up
when their loves got in trouble
when somebody trying to ruin your relationship
you're strong girl..you're brave..
you know it, we knows it..
girls are not and cannot be underestimate
you know you loved him, i know you loved him...we're all know that you loved him
somebody tried to steal him..and you just crying??
that biatch trying to separated you and your man..
that biatch trying to conquer your man
come on girls get up !!
what the hell with that tears?
what the hell with those red eyes??
what the hell you just standing and watching your man left you
and go with that damn girl??
hey that is your man..
that is the person that you loved ever
that is the person who hold the key of your happiness
don't just stand there..make a move
fight !! kick out that biatch !!
you can't juts surrender girls
this is your game..this is our game !
tell them who are the winnner....biatch or girls??
you loved him..you don't want your heart hurt
then defend your relationship...
make the first step to defend your love
defend your man..
before it's too late and left you're alone
girls, you're such a pathetic if you can't do anything
to fight and defend your right !

(n_n) no more tears, no more silent..dosen't matter if u're win or not...
       but this is ur game, and atleast rather you've been trying than let he go just like that !

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reenapple said...

kadang2 aku rasa kita patut sahaja lepaskan benda yang pernah kita sayang walau betapa hati kita tak mahu. Mungkin sahaja itu bukan takdir kita untuk kekal bersamanya sehingga akhir hayat. =(