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Monday, 26 December 2011

Today is not a fairytale..but today is my mom's birthday :D

Assalamualaikum and hi readers. Morning Monday !
(yeah i know it's already in the afternoon) :p
and yup today is my beloved mummy's birthday!
This is my mom and I :

but the sad is now i'm at my hostel, doing my assignment,
which means A LOT OF ASSIGNMENTS, so what can
I do just edited our picture together and post it on Facebook,
and mention my little brother to save it and show it to mom.

But it is okay, later i'll go home with a present for her !
(n_n) i love you mom, wait for me ya :)
sayang mama sangat ! <3


Fyfy Liew said...

Happy Birthday Mama Lyn! Hiahahahaha. :P

LynnDamya said...

Fyfy : hahaha thank Q dear..hihi nt sy smpaikan kt mama sy..(n_n)

sha my heart said...

selamat ulang tahun pada mama.

sama pula muka anak beranak

owner said...

sha : hehe thank Q, mestilah sama..serumpun~~~ hehe :p