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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Vintage Attack : My New Vintage Collection !

Yes, i love vintage stuff so damn much ! Before this i've shared with my
readers about my vintage car collection especially my Combi Volkswagen.
And right now, i wanna sharing about my new collection, and of course
dear, it's vintage !! (>_<) and owh sorry, today i feel soO America (-_-')
so i wanna write in english..haha what i got this time?

Very Cute NoteboOk
I don't know why I see this notebook looked like a sandwich (-_-')
This book has nice design for their page layouts...(>_<) I love it !

Necklace + Unique Pendants
These are my favourite necklace especially the camera. It is so small and
unique ! :)

Coins Container
I really loves that envelope style ! :D

Vintage Tee
First time I saw this Tee at Jb, priced RM 40, felt disappointed because i
don't have enough money to buy it (T_T), but second time i saw it at Times
Square and it cost only RM20 ! Yesssss !! :D

Steel Calendar
I bought this at Daiso ! (n_@)

Ok that's all for my new collection. Anyone of my readers like and collect
vintage stuff like me? Come on share yours with me (n_n) Thank you for
reading this :)


Anonymous said...

wah cantik nye semua!! suka tgk.

spywriter said...


owner : Lynn said...

Fyfy : hey dear, thank Q :)

Spywriter : thank Q lyana mahat~~ hehe :)

narumi sakura said...

wwwooooowwww!!!nice colection (tumbs up)

Lynn Damya said...

naru : hey babe, thank Q (n_n)