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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Avril Lavinge Always Understand Those Feelings

Asslamualaikum and hi readers. I've stayed alone in my room now.
But it's okay because I have much time to feel the loneliness feeling
well. It is so empty and quite. The feeling is just like you're got a good
news in an isolated places that has nobody there. You can't share it
with anybody, because you're alone. And right now, i'm sitting while
listening to Avril Lavinge song's. Yeah, i'm her die-hard-fan :) Just
few minutes after that, i'm feeling like to share my feelings during i'm
listening to her songs. 
 Talented girl.....
with her different words about this world

Keep Holding On
Have you meet your soulmates? If the answer is YES, please keep
and save each other. Life means trouble, you have to face all the
troubles, so please keep holding on to your partner to raise your
strength. Danger are everywhere, and you've never can trace it so
please, keep holding on to your loved one. World are absolutely
uneasy, in order of that please defend your precious and always
keep holding on together......till the ends

I Miss You
I wish this song will be at KBox new-list-songs so that I can sing it in
my tears :') This song feels really lonely and desolate. It's about how a
girl could stand up alone facing the world, facing the different world after
she had lose her precious man in her life? About how she's gonna live her
life after her precious now we're dead, leaving her alone forever? And the
sad is she's really can't forget on the day that the man gone for ever. It's
the day that change everything ! She's can't get him back, she's can't hear
him or see him anymore seems he's got too far away from her. This song is
about a girl, who really missed her dead man...

Wish You Were Here
Love separated by times and distance. It will get worse when the
memories keep playing on our mind, and we will keep asking and
wondering when? When....it will happen again.....? Then we will
wish the person to be here with us, to accompany us, to comfort
us and telling us that his/her will staying forever. But, there's no
footsteps on the ground, there's no calls or messages to receive.
Hoping that the person will finally come....

Nobody's Home
Having big crisis in home? Problems with parents? Busy parents
doesn't give you any attention at all, not even more for a love. You
are abandoned in your home, and this is not right and you'll try to fix
it. Trying to make everything as usual without heart-feeling, you pretend
to be happy but you're such lie to yourself. You can't be happy. You can't
find your happiness and that's why you need to be stronger than this.
Do not trying to pretend yourself to be happy if you're still crying in the
midnight or even you're in the big crowd. But girl, be strong enough...

Can you see the sincerely of the lyrics?
It is really fit in our life, Avril trying to show that
This Is The Reality !

...and honestly, I don't like a happy love songs,
it's just too much and it's only a dream.
We're can't get love and fall in love easily.
There are too much challenges and only the
realistic could stand for it. And that is what
I've try to stand for....

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