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Miss Money

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What actually a girl afraid of...?

is a special creatures
 You can't understand them

You can't feel how deep of their loves

And how hard for them to relief
after being left by her soul

It is not about time
but It is about memories
A girl really hope that her soul
will together forever
She's really hope
that soul is hers forever
Nobody can't take it
Nobody can't have it
It's all hers
She fighting to defend it
Defend her soul
Defend her love
She is defending her man !
and after it became like this...
i bet you will know,
what actually a girl afraid of...
afraid of loss her man
her love
which those equal to her souls
A girl afraid to imagine how the memories
will haunting her every minute if it is really happen somedays...

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