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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My Happiest Moment

Hello everyone ! It's already late now ! Hurry up join contest and grab a
chance to win amazing prizes from OLYMPUS !! 

This is the Olympus Happy Photography logo. You can download it here
And below is the photo that represents my happiest moment.

This photo was taken by my little brother and actually it's a candid one.
I laughed at my daddy's joke at that time and suddenly he call me then snap it !
I select this photo because it's one of my happiest moment with my family.
It's a weekend and we spend time together at Bazar Karat, Jb

So, that is mine and what yours? Hurry up ! Lucky maybe with you, 
or maybe me ! :D


Eric said...

mana link asal?

owner : Lynn said...

Eric : owh sorry for that, u can click the red words 'here' for the original link :)