Happy Three Friends

Miss Money

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

She'll never come back

You're sitting alone
Trying to make everything is fine
trying to fix certain parts in your life
but the fact is,
it will never be the same like before
and you know that
You're closed your eyes
and then you're open it back
within a hope that everything will going
normal as usual
but the reality is,
this is the reality and you know it
You know,
you can't meet her anymore
no more texts, no more calls,
no more laughing together
no more smiling for you
you're know it
you're trying to be stronger
you're fight your emotions but still,
tears coming out from your eyes
Because you know...

She'll never come back...
she passed away..
but one that you should know,
you're always in her heart
accompany you from the different world

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