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Monday, 21 November 2011

'Batik Is My Soul' by Jovian Mandagie (Malaysian Fashion Designer)

Hello readers and bloggers. Last weekend on Saturday, I've been at

" Jovian Mandagie Exhibition : Batik Is My Soul "

as one of photographer. Jovian is one of Malaysian well-known fashion
designer and he now trying to modernalize Batik as a lifestyle of our society,
because he's saw the potential that Batik can be wearable pieces that remain
relevant in modern society. I just had a chance to meet him last day. The funny
is I've started the conversation with him by said :


Because I don't know that he's Malay. Seriously, he's really got a
Chinese-looked. (-_-') And if I'm not mistake, his real name is Ridzuan.

Okay, I don't wanna talk anymore, let's these photo tell the story :

 Those are some of Jovian dress design.

Besides dress, handbag, clutch and heels also designed by using the Batik motive.
The lowest price is RM799 :)

and also the gorgeous brooches and jeweleries !

Jovian Mandagie

and here are the VIP's

Those delicious food !

Okay, that's all. Thank Q readers for read this entry.
Hidup Batik !! Hehehe...


NOVA said...

wooowww.. cantik2 nyer fashion kt atas tu... i like2..... ^_^ mesti harga baju tu pon mahal2 kan...

owner : Lynn said...

Nova : cantikkan :) harga clutch pon pling murah ceach RM800, dress mesti lah mahal, ada 1 tu harganya dlm RM 10,000 ! huhu~